Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our New Baby

Yup... it's official. This is a picture of our new baby, a new 2008 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited 4x4. It's in white, the last colour I think we both would have picked but other than that, it's perfect! We decided that since we needed a reliable family vehicle that would get us from place to place without a lot of restrictions, this was the vehicle for us. I mean when you can only travel maximum 40km/hr on the dirt roads around here, getting places we want to visit has been tough!

Todd's been searching and researching it for months and waiting for the rates to go down and a good deal to fall in our laps. Well, we finally found the exact Jeep he would have ordered in a small BC town called Dawson Creek.

Yup... way up there! It's about a 11-12 hour drive and we'll head up there sometime next week on Todd's days off to pick it up. We'll make a mini side trip through Jasper and Banff so we can see more of this beautiful province.


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