Friday, December 26, 2008

Trials & Tribulations of Travel

Wanna know what happened to us?

Yup.... flat tire coming into Calgary. Thankfully, we were just down the street from James' house (where we're leaving it for the next 2 weeks) when it happened. We changed the tire in the driveway and took the tire over to Canadian Tire to get repaired as we got here 2 hours early. They couldn't repair in the short time we'd be here so we left the tire to be repaired then picked up when we return.

We arrived at the airport 2 hrs early as required. As we checked our baggage, we were told that our fight had been delayed 2 hours. GREAT!!! With a 3 year old.... NOT fun!

So here we are... in the Calgary airport... waiting for our departing flight. The plane we were due to leave in NEVER arrived from Vancouver due to bad weather so they somehow found us another plane to go home in. We leave at 8:55pm MST according to the boards right now. Here's hoping that the boards are correct!!!

All I can say is.... thank goodness for FREE internet!!! WOOHOO!!!!


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