Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He always spoils the fun!

Sunday I went out to do some Christmas shopping and get some stuff for stockings and for Todd. I ended up buying him some special gloves for snowboarding in Fernie.

I spent all Sunday wrapping all the gifts for Christmas. I even spent a few hours making a surprise clue hunt for Todd to find his gloves. I had 10 clues hidden throughout the house.... I hid the tags so he couldn't see anything until Christmas Day.

Well... he decided a few days ago that he was going to go snow boarding in Fernie today. So he dragged out all his gear last night and realized that he had only one glove liner.

So I broke down and gave him the present with the first clue. He made it to clue #3 okay... with a little prompting from me... and then he couldn't find clue #4.

Clue #3 read: I'm "honey nut" delicious! Come and share a treat with me!"

The nut job thought I meant the cupboard where the peanut butter and honey is kept. D'UH!!!! The Cheerio box, you dork!!!!!!

So in his search for the "honey nut" clue, he opened up the pantry cupboard and found clue #8!!!!! Yup.... From #3 to #8.... freakin' bugger!

So he grabs #8 and continues on!!!

I spent 2 hours for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally just gave him the wrapped present out of frustration.

Just tickles me PINK that he couldn't just have fun with it! I won't be doing anything like that in the near future! If Spencer could read, I would have done it for him instead! Goodness he ticks me off sometimes!


Here are some pictures we took of the Fernie mountains yesterday while in town...

Looking towards Sparwood from the base of the Fernie ski hill....

The mountain to the East of the ski hill.... It was blowing hard yesterday on the ski hill.

Here's the "surprise spoiler" getting ready to go boarding this morning....

I made Spencer lick him for not cooperating with me for photos!

He'd better make up for it in the next few days!


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