Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Days and Counting....

Well it sure is cold out here! We've had temperatures of -30 for the last several days. Sure makes staying in doors a must!

Todd was supposed to go into work this morning for OT time but couldn't get either one of our cars started. He had bought us both stuff for our block heaters yesterday but his "timer" controlled block heater didn't come on because he set it incorrectly. We figured it was worth it just to leave them on all the time since the weather seems to want to stay right around -30. We'll turn them off if the temps above -20.

Spencer has been coping with the cooler house in his underwear. Daddy tried to put PJ pants on him today to keep him a little warmer but he soon found out why Mommy's been leaving the pants off! Oops!

I haven't been feeling very well today. Very achy and tired. I actually took 2 naps today and thanks to that... here I am.... 1:30am in the morning... typing this blog entry to pass the night away.

I can't believe Christmas is only days away. I feel so unprepared! I still have to get some stocking stuffers and some items for our holiday days off.

We are having our friends over for dinner on the 24th since we both don't have any family in the immediate area around the holidays. I'm sure their little boy will enjoy playing with Spencer and Todd and I will enjoy the adult conversation for the evening.

I think the 25th will be a super casual day for us. PJs all day. A good breakfast. Lots of munchies. And hopefully a lot of great photos. But no turkey dinner. We'll wait 'til we go home to have that!

Todd was supposed to attend the FREE skiing/snow boarding event in Fernie tomorrow but he's decided to go to work instead. I think he's planning to go on Monday instead. The hills should be good as we have been getting regular snow for days here and Fernie tends to get even more.

We've received some wonderful holiday cards form friends and family..... Teresa Tunney, Jen Tunney, Dick & Judy, Aunt Florrie, a friend from the Netherlands, and Spencer has received the most mail... from Mama and Papa (my parents). We also received a beautiful holiday card from Tech (previously Elk Valley Coal), with a coupon towards groceries at 6 of our local grocery stores in the Elk Valley area. I think we'll end up using it for goodies for Christmas and travels home.

Gotta run. Maybe I can finally get to bed now! Take care all and we'll see you in a matter of days!


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