Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will it EVER end?

I was getting ready to go and pick up the babysitter so I could go to work this morning. I slipped over to the new house to see if I could get the hot water running in the kitchen since I hadn't gotten it to run yet and I smelled gas outside of the new house. Yup... we have a GAS LEAK.

I immediately phoned the gas company and they sent someone immediately. After turning off the gas line to the new house he has discovered that we have some sort of break in the gas line between the old house and new house. Gas has been leeching through the ground for 24 hours. We were told to evacuate the house immediately by the gas technician as the gas was leaching thorough the ground and into the basement of the old house so I took Spencer and we drove down to my work.

After about an hour and a half or so, the gas technician gave us a call saying we good to come home.

The plumber is on his way from Cranbrook to remedy the problem. I believe he will have to dig up the old pipe and replace it or he'll run a complete new line to the new house but regardless he'll have to dig... not fun!

So much for getting settled in. I swear this project has been jinxed since day one! Grrr...

EDITED TO ADD: The plumber fixed it with a temporary pipe and we're good to go now!


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