Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exhaustion and Pain

Now that the stress of actually getting everything ready to actual occupy the house is over, the exhaustion and physical pain has come. I am exhausted to the point of collapse today. Every single muscle in my body is screaming pain and sleep right now. I actually laid down for a nap this morning because I just couldn't function.

We got most of the big stuff moved into the house last night. We got our bed, Todd's dresser, Spencer's bed and the washer & dryer in the new house. We really only have my dresser, the couches and the table to take over. The neighbour came in last night from Calgary and he's going to help Todd move the couches. They literally have to be taken out of the house through the front window. At least they will be easy to put in the new house... right through the patio door!

My goal today is get the kitchen cleared out and in the new house and as much of the clothes taken over plus maybe some of my scrap stuff. It will be the last to go over though. Priorities for comfort right now run first and for most!

Off I go...


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  1. Just dont get totally worn out Ally...some things can wait...take time to enjoy your brand new home. Have a glass of wine, put the Christmas music on and relax for a bit.