Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Moving" Day

Well our day started out by looking out the front window to see about 10-12 inches of new snow... CRAP! So all of the new house's pad was covered! I called our local contractor and let him know that we needed a bit of snow removal and a little bit of care on the leveling of the lot before the house arrived. They told me that they would send out the Bobcat as soon as they fixed it. It had lost a tire and they were waiting for parts from Sparwood. Great!!!

At about 12 noon I caught our first glimpse that we were close to delivery... the Eagles Homes truck arrives! A good sign!

Soon after their arrival, the Clarkson excavator Bobcat arrived. They cleared the snow off the lot and leveled off some of the bumpy spots where we needed them.

Some time just after 2:30pm we caught our first glimpse of our new home down the street. I admit it... I had a tear in my eye! I seriously didn't think this day would ever come!

They pulled the house around the corner and pointed it up the street.

If you notice in the picture above, the road is white and if you notice the road below, it has sand on it. We had called the District to ask them to sand the hill for us to make putting the house in place a little easier. They literally showed up 5 minutes before the guys started up the hill. When the sander arrived you could hear the entire crew of guys let out a "hooray" from the bottom of the hill.

Slow and steadily, the truck backed up the hill and into the cul va sac. They backed slowly down the driveway and into position.

The board on the end is where our living room patio doors are. They covered them during travel to prevent stones from breaking the window. We did manage to get a few cracks in the siding next to the doors though which will be fixed for us.

The guys had the front door cracked open for a bit so I caught my first glimpse of my new kitchen. I am extremely happy with the way that our flooring, counters and appliances turned out. I even caught a glimpse of my new dishwasher... Yippee!!!

The next thing was to support the back of the house. The guys stacked specially designed supports on the back braces and then they literally jacked up the front of the house right off the truck and its wheeled dolly.

As you can see, it was raised quite a bit up off the ground.

They jacked it up even higher than our existing mobile sitting on a full and raised foundation! See how much prettier the new house is from our 1970's old house...

Then they winched out the set of wheels supporting the far end of the house. They managed to chain it up to their pick up truck and literally pulled it out from underneath the house and to the right of the rig through that HUGE snowbank to the right of the truck.

Then they blocked the center supports and then laid the front supports and lowered the house on to that.

As of right now it's sitting on 6 supports. It will get it's permanent supports tomorrow and will get officially leveled. The stairs will get added and everything will be unpacked from it's voyage. We will officially get to go through the house tomorrow when it's fully supported and leveled. All the plumbing and gas lines will be connected on Friday. Todd will connect the electrical when he gets time this week, probably Friday morning.

So we now have our new house! I can hardly wait to make it feel like a home!


  1. Congratulations Ally!!! I'm glad that your new home is finally there and you will soon be able to move in and get settled.
    Welcome home!!!

  2. I am all teary eyed right now for you guys!! This is such a wonderful and exciting time. You deserve it.

  3. WTG Ally! I'm so pleased your new home has arrived in time for Christmas.
    Sue xx

  4. It was so exciting to read and watch the progress of your new home coming to its final resting spot. It looks like a cozy area. What a wonderful Christmas gift. Congratulations!

  5. Whoo hooo girlie....HOW COOL WAS THAT adventure!! so very happy for you!!

  6. well how utterly awesome is that?? Soooooooooooo happy for ya girl:-))