Thursday, August 5, 2010

Surfin' Tofino!

Part of the draw to Tofino is the surf. Yup! Todd took the opportunity to make sure that he rented some surfing gear, for Spencer too and surf Tofino!

So we found a little off the path surfing gear rental towards Ucluelet. The guy that ran it was so nice and so friendly. He had a son that was sponsored by a surf gear company and traveled all over the world surfing the BIG waves.

He also sold some beautiful metal works and stone items.

So we grabbed our rental gear and took off, back to same beach we had been the day before in Tofino.

This is Daddy attempting to get Spencer into his wet suit. Not an easy feet!

And of course... Spencer had to immediately test out the surf and his new gear. So much warmer when you have the wet suit!!

Once Todd had on his suit, off they both went.

After getting wet, Todd took Spencer by hand and took him out a little farther into the surf.

And Spencer got his first taste of the board and surfing.

A mini wipe-out at the end but he was all smiles and wanted to go out again.

So Todd dragged him out again. The waves kept taking his feet out from under him. Thank goodness Daddy had a good hold of him!

Another ride to the shore!

All smiles...

After returning all of our gear to the rental place, we drove into Ucluelet to find a place to eat some seafood. I wanted to make sure before we left the area that we had at least tasted some of the local fare. I talked Todd into a crab dinner...

Fresh local Dungeonus Crab with garlic button for dipping, Caesar salad and pesto toast points! YUM!

It was one of the best meals I think I have ever eaten. Spencer has a candied salmon quesadilla with asparagus. Todd and tried a piece of that too... so yummy!!!

We knew we were laving Tofino the next morning to get the ferry in Nanaimo to return to the main land.

So the next day we took our time leaving Tofino knowing we had quite a wait before our ferry boarding at 9:30pm. We had reserved a crossing reservation the day before knowing that just showing up might not be such a great way to do it.

So after leaving Tofino, we traveled back towards Nanaimo, stopping at the Cathedral Forest. They have the most beautiful walking trails right off the main highway where you can experience the BIGGEST trees you have ever seen. We stopped and took a photo of the boys in front of the forest's largest tree... a HUGE Douglas Fir.

Over 800 years old, 76 meters tall and 9 meters around!!! It was over 300 years old when Christopher Columbus came to North America in 1492.
Look how small Spencer looks next to it!!!

More photos tomorrow... you WON'T want to miss the next entry!!!!

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