Friday, August 6, 2010

The Final Leg Home

We started our journey home by traveling from between North Vancouver and Squamish where we had spent the night after our LATE ferry ride across from Nanaimo.

We drove to Whistler where we decided that stopping to take the Peak to Peak Gondola was just too long to wait. I think we were both just exhausted and wanted to sleep in our own beds. So we decided to press on and go home.

This was a pretty little lake just past Whistler. I never actually took any photos while we were in Whistler either.... *sigh*.

And just around the bend from the lake we encountered an equine outing. These horses were out on a stroll on the highway.

We pressed on.

We were coming down the mountain valley towards Lilloet. The terrain was steep and the valley floor was 100's of feet to the right and the left of the road. We were slowly traveling down and then Todd cried out... "Ally! Grab your camera! There's a cougar on the side of the road!!!"

Sure enough on the rock face to the right was a BIG cougar!!

We watched in awe as the cougar attempted to climb up the face, give up and then jump to the road in front of us and RUN... and I mean RUN in front of us and then proceed to LEAP over the barrier at the bend and disappear!

Just freakin' amazing!!! Something I think we never ever see again in our lifetime.

As we journeyed on, up and down in elevation, getting closer to home we encountered another critter crossing... 4 mountain sheep this time!

We watched the signs as "Cranbrook" appeared as we got closer and closer to home. We encountered a storm in Creston where it poured!

As we left the storm behind in Cranbrook, we got a beautiful backdrop for the final leg of our journey home... a beautiful rainbow in front us with the mountains as it's canvas.


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