Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here We Come Tofino!

We woke up in Sooke and then ventured up the Western edge of the Island where we came across our first real look at the Ocean! So beautiful!

We stopped off on the side of the road and went for a short walk on to the beach to see what kind of creatures we could find. In some of the tidal pools left after high tide, we found a variety of beautiful anemies.

We came to Port Renfrew via a very interesting road and then crossed the Island to Lake Cowichan and up to Nanaimo and then back across the Island to Tofino. This was the only well traveled way to get to Tofino.

Boy Tofino was a busy little place!! Totally touristy!! All the campsites were FULL when we arrived, so we took a piece of lawn on one of the camp grounds and then paid for 2 more nights right off the bat.

We dropped the trailer and immediately took off for the beach... Chesterman Beach.

The boys playing out on the sand...

Me... looking for sand dollars. Todd found me 2 whole sand dollars... so beautiful!

We ventured off towards Ucluelet down the coast from Tofino. We took a short walk to the beach and found this little green fella in the tidal pools at the one rocky beach we found.

We discovered back at our camp site, that the banana slugs were investigating Todd's kite boards. I think they were attacked to the colour! We had one LONG fella on the site that must have been about 12 inches in length!

One of the largest trees on the entire Island was located right in down town Tofino; the Eik Tree. This Douglas Fir tree stands over 52 meters tall. It weighs approximately 50 tonnes and is 3.02 meters in DIAMETER at breast height and is over 800 years old.

The town saw the tree as a liability and so took on the task of supporting the tree... hence the bracing on the tree.

More about our Tofino adventures tomorrow!!!

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  1. Love all the little sea creatures. I also envy you that you were able to wear a sweatshirt. I don't think I have worn a sweatshirt all summer. Its been a hot one!