Monday, August 10, 2009

Elk Lakes Adventure

Dick and Judy, Todd's parents arrived late on Saturday evening; just in time to see me go off to work. Todd and Spencer took them on a wild adventure down the hydro line in the Jeep. With the rain we had got the few hours before, they had a "fun" time getting up the steep hills of the some of gulleys along the trail.

Yesterday we all piled in the Jeep and started off on our adventure to Elk Lakes Provincial Park; about 65 km North of Elkford.

We had just got on the dirt road outside of Elkford when the boys yelled out "BEAR!". And there on the slope about 20 feet away from the road was a grizzly bear and her cub. The minute we got out to take a picture, her cub disapppeared in the brush above her. All we saw was a little dark bum disappear!

And then we taveled a little further up the road, maybe 3 minutes later and we came across this female moose in the middle of the bush. She took off running into the bush as we spooked her with a stamming door.

Our next stop was Blue Lake. It's a tiny little lake in the middle of nowhere but they have 3 user mantained campsites.

Spencer was enjoying wading in the water. We kept telling him to hike up his pants as he got deeper but that was a loosing battle! We ended up having to completely change his pants when we got back to the Jeep.

At Blue Lake....

So we traveled our 65km on all dirt roads to Elk Lake Provincial Park in one piece. We did stop at "the cabin" to use a picnic table and have a cheese and cracker snack and a drink.

Once we arrived at the park's parking lot, Judy, Todd, Spencer and I hiked in the 1.3km trail to see Elk Lake. Spencer just HAD to have a walking stick....

When we arrived, this is just one of the beautiful views we saw..... Simply a stunning view!

We ventured down the extremely well taken care of trails along the lake and took lots of photos of the water and the beautiful mountains.

We discovered 11 tents set up in the camping area. Each set of tents were pitched on leveled ground pads and each site had a fire pit. The area even had a VERY clean cedar wood pit toilet and one food cache area.

We turned back at the end of the lake and decided to head back to the trailhead, back to Dick in the parking lot.

We made one last stop along the edge of the lake to enjoy the view.

We just had to get at least one family picture too!

As we waited for Daddy, Spencer decided to venture into the shallows with his walking stick and play and splash in the FREEZING water! I mean it HAD to be freezing as some parts of the mountians around the lake still had snow on them.

We certainly enjoyed our drive and our little hike into the woods!


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  1. I love reading about your adventures and the photos are truly stunning. What great photos of the animals . Sounds like an awesome family time.