Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Almosted Moosed That!

We traveled to Calgary yesterday morning so I could attend my Copics Certification course from 9-4. We left the house just after 5 am to ensure we made it to Calgary on time.

On our way, we saw this.... a moose! She was walking across the highway as we were between Longview and the road to Nanton in Highway 22. She literally just stood in the middle of the road for a few minutes.

Then a little critter came out of the bush on the right hand side of the road... her calf!!!! A mama moose and her baby! He was all legs!!!

When the calf was safely across the road, they trotted off in to the bush together.
Gotta love nature!

My course was great. The boys spent the day gallivanting around Calgary getting all kinds of things for Todd's new toy; a mini Bobcat excavator. The "Cat" is sitting in front the deck and he's been spending all morning getting things to run. Slowly but surely, each problem is being solved and I actually heard it run for the first time today! We're off to go swimming in Sparwood this afternoon. Hope everyone is fine and dandy.


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  1. I love your nature pictures! Love the fact they're in your backyard, on the road, everywhere! I've only seen Moose in Algonqiun Park while passing through. Out in my neck of the woods, we only see stray cats, raccoons, dogs and shunks in our backyards and on the roads. With the occassional herd of cows or horses who have broke free from their fields.