Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Great Anniversary!

Todd and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. Well actually we celebrated it on Monday since I worked last night.

On Monday we got one of the teenagers I work with at Kapp's to watch Spencer so Todd and I could go out for an anniversary evening. We went to Sparwood to a restaurant we hadn't tried and had a nice dinner together. He had steak and I had shrimp... yum! Then we took the Jeep on a nice back road adventure, just the two of us. We ventured down a road inbetween Sparwood and Elkford and had a nice drive. We even managed to come across a mama moose and her baby on the trail! What an amazing site... and you guessed... NO CAMERA! Crap! We had a nice evening together though.

Yesterday while the boys were in Cranbrook getting a tool Todd needed, I stayed home because I had to work at 4pm. While I was getting ready, I noticed a young buck resting in the shade of the neighbour's house....

It's so common to look out a window in the house and see deer. We have lots of bucks, does and spotted fawns come through the yard each day. I love it here!



  1. Happy Anniversary Ally & Todd!!! It's so nice that you were able to find some time for eachother and go out! Beautiful photos. The girls want to move to Ally's so they can see all the lovely things you get to see.:)

  2. awww yay!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    and what a sweet pic of the baby deer!!! :D