Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great News.... It's FINALLY Official!

We had two instances of great news this morning!

First of all, we put Spencer in underwear for the first time all night last night. Now both and Todd and I woke him up during the night to go pee but he made it all the way to the morning without ANY accidents! We're both SO proud of him!

Our second bit of BIG news is that we will be the proud owners of a little piece of BC of our very own NEXT WEEK! Yes... I said NEXT WEEK!


We bought a 0.25 acre lot in Elkford with an older mobile on it. The mobile is in pretty good shape and sits on a 9 foot foundation wall where the whole length of the mobile is used for storage. It sits on a pie shaped lot on a culdesac in upper Elkford. We have untouchable green space right off the back of the property... meaning no one can build on it. We also look over the fields of both the high school and elementary school, right off the back yard. We have an opening to the school yards right off the back yard. We have enough room on the property to either build another house & garage or put a new mobile on the lot with a garage... which is our plan EVENTUALLY!

We met our neighbours on the South side a few days ago. Two couples from Calgary own the large lot next to us and are originally from Ontario; Sault Ste Marie. One them is a vice-principal of a school in Calgary and both couples vacation during the summer in Elkford. They have a 4 year old little boy and the other couple has a 2 year old boy. We haven't met our Northern neighbours yet.

We take possession on Friday May 29th and immediate family and friends will recieve more information as to address in the next 2 weeks or so.

Moving to Elkford means less money for rent since the mortgage is cheaper, no gas for Todd to drive to work since the mine buses will pick him up and drop him off at the front door and we may even go down to one vehicle which means less insurance too. The taxes are way cheaper than they are in Ontario in Elkford!

We're off today to get some of the paperwork done and visit Elkford to see what the actual taxes will be on the property. Spencer has pre-school too today so it's going to be a busy day of traveling!


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