Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventure to Lost Lake

On Saturday, we got in the Jeep in the afternoon and decided to investigate Sulphur Springs Rd., a road that begins at the Line Creek Mine in between Sparwood and Elkford.

As we drove we gained about 300 meters in altitude and up the mountain ridge. We ended up high above Elkford looking down on the town.

We discovered Lost Lake at the top of the mountain. There was a trail from the roadside to the little lake so we got out and decided to take that adventure.

In a few spots they had board walk trails due to the water.

Here's the pretty lake we came to....

And back we went.... Spencer wanted to stop and "fish" in all the puddles on the way back.

On our way down the mountain we took a spur road to round the corner to discover these lovelies...

We came to a switch back and took the Lower Sulphur Springs Road to see where it went to.

We came across this wild turkey on the road. The first one I've seen in our area. I knew they were hear but had yet to see one yet.

We also came across a small herd of elk eating there lunch.

We drove back to the beginning of the road and took the road to Grave Lake to see how busy the camping area was there. On our way back, we spotted some deer AND elk standing along side the railway tracks. So weird to see them both together!

Gotta love this beautiful country!


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  1. What a grand adventure!! Great pics Ally. :)