Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flowers & Flutterers

Spencer has spent most of the day outside playing. Playing in the new gravel on the road outside the house. He's SO dirty!!!!!

Since Spring has finally arrived here in the valley, we have lots of beautiful green, leafy trees and LOTS of yellow dandelions too! Spencer thought that he'd pick mommy a bouquet today.....

I think he was sniffin' them too! Notice the yellow 'stache he has?

Todd and I were sitting here in the living room just a few minutes ago and we both heard a buzzing noise. We both thought nothing of it since we have seen a few flies and bees around the windows in the last few days. Lo and behold, we had a little friend visiting us! Isn't she tiny? The case she is sitting is only less than 4 inches wide.

My attempt at showing her true colouring.... sorry it's a poor photo but I tried to lighten her up against the back ground that's why there is a weird glow around her tail. You see she has green and red feathers though.

I managed to capture her in my hands and set her outside the window. She had the most beautiful iridescent breast of reddish copper-coloured feathers! So beautiful! She flew away after composing herself for about 10 seconds when I opened my hands.


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  1. Allison that is so cool! I've never actually seen a hummingbird before. Love the photo!