Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Days

Todd is off on his four days right now so we have been spending a lot of time together just having fun.

Yesterday after we picked Spencer up from pre-school we drove to Canadian Tire in Fernie just to look around. On our way home, Todd decided to do a little off roading and took off on a logging road in between Fernie and Sparwood. We ended up high on the mountain looking down on the valley where the main highway was. Very cool views! We stopped at a little mountain creek running down and just enjoyed the gorgeous view.

Today we had lunch and then took off to the pool for the afternoon. We enjoyed swimming for two hours and actually had the pool completely to ourselves for the last hour!!! Yup.. a whole pool to play in! Spencer even jumped into the deep end to Daddy without his life jacket on and swam to him and then swam back to the side all by himself. So proud!

We got some burgers for the BBQ for dinner and while Todd cooked them the boys got our their bikes. Spencer's still learning that his bike has brakes!!!!

The first signs of Spring have started too. We saw some elk and some deer in the valley between home and Sparwood and the leaves are beginning to sprout on the trees.


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