Monday, January 18, 2010

Silly Hat Day!

Today was Silly Hat Day at school for Spencer. I spent this morning creating this fun hat for him to wear to class this afternoon. I made a fun-foam head band with an elastic band back to use as my hat's base.

The froggie actually bongs up and down on a spring and the dragon fly is also wired to the hat to appear as if flying in mid air.

Here's a close up my froggie.

On a sad note, our little town of Elkford is in mourning today. We lost a 21 year old man to a scuba diving accident on Grave Lake (just down the road) yesterday morning. He and his best friend were out on the ice covered lake testing out their new diving gear and something happened and one man lost his life. It's all the town is talking about today. I feel for his family and his best friend. So young... so sad...

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  1. OMG that is just the cutest hat ever! If I ever need a hat for "Silly Hat Day" I know who to call. So sad about the tragedy out there.