Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dog Sledding... Elkford Style

This weekend we have a 3 day dog sledding event here right in town. There are all kinds of events for all ages ranges including a 14 and under age range for mushing.

Spencer, Todd and I decided to go down and see what it was all about.

Some of the teams were harnessed to their owners trucks.

One of the first teams that we saw come in from a race was a women and her dog team.

We talked to a few mushers included this guy below. His team was a young team. His dogs were only about 1.5 years old and were all very eager to get out to run.

And off they go... 10km out and 10km back I believe this race was.

I just happened to see this little fella being carried around in a lady's jacket. He's about 8 weeks old... friggin' adorable!

All the teams arrived in customized boxes on their owners trucks. These guys looked like they wanted out! Todd and were both surprised at all the different breeds of dogs we saw running teams. It wasn't all huskies and malamutes.

As part of the event, they were offering a target shooting course for all ages to try. So Spencer strapped on pair of snowshoes to try it out.

He had 3 targets to aim at along the course. Here's Daddy helping him handle the air gun at the second target.

He was one of the youngest kids to try. Only two 4 years and one 3 year old had tried. He even got 5 points for shooting a target. There's prizes throughout the weekend for each of the target categories.

We had fun!

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