Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carrots & Celery and Let There be LIGHT!

Yesterday I happen to catch a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye out in the yard. I looked up to see a momma deer and baby in our yard and another 5 deer behind the neighbours fence.

I grabbed my camera and off to the deck I ventured. There are 3 deer in the photo below. One adult (foreground) and 2 of this year's babies. The one baby in the middle was limping... poor thing. Hard to get around when your leg is injured and the snow is touching your belly.

I started to talk "pretty" to the momma deer in the yard as she was walking away with her fawn and she turned around and walked towards me.

She walked up and stood right below me from the deck (about 3 feet from me). I love all the snow on her; especially on her chin... hehehe!

Spencer ended up joining me outside and we ended up feeding them carrots and celery from the deck.

Since we live between two sets of mountains, the sun doesn't hit the yard until quite some time in the morning as it rises above the mountain range to the East.... and then all of sudden there is light! This is just seconds after the sun popped up from the mountain this morning...

The sky is SO clear and BLUE this morning! It's -23 degrees out though... BRRRR!

We have gotten another fresh foot of snow in the last 24 hours. I actually had to shovel the driveway (at least the end of it & close to the house) for the first time. Typically the Jeep is more than high enough off of the ground so we just 4x4 through the deeper snow but the Cat (yes... a HUGE Caterpillar) plowed the culdasac and dumped about 3 feet of snow at the end of the driveway. The normal plow can't move the amount of snow we seem to get at this end of the street, so they have to plow the end of our street with a huge Cat. (picture below taken in Oct. 27th '09)

Since we took the picture above, we have had snow ever since. The Cat actually pushes all of the excess snow up a small roadway right across the street. You can now park about 3 cars in the area he's plowed but the snow is 3.5 feet ABOVE the roof of your car on both sides!!!

Be thankfully you live in tropical Ontario everyone!

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