Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Spooktacular Week

On Wednesday, Sp had "Orange & Black" day at school. So I dressed him up in the only orange thing I could find in all of his clothes... who would have thought it would have been so hard to find an orange piece of clothing in a little boy's dresser!?

I had signed up to send a treat that day to his pre-school class as they were having a little party. I made up little packages of goodies for each one of his classmates, just some fun candies, for him to take. I also managed to make some mini chocolate cupcakes and decorated them as pumpkins and red eyed mummies and let me tell ya... they were the tackiest thing going! I didn't even bather taking a photo of them but the kids LOVED them!

After pre-school Sp's best buddy Mr. J came over to play. They are the best of friends those two! Two peas in a pod... even their teachers say so! The two of them decided to build a fort in the living room using my couch cushions.

Later that night, we grabbed the two pumpkins I had bought downtown and got to actually carving them. Spencer LOVED helped taking the "brains" out of his jack o'lantern. I think half the brains were in his hair and on his face when we were done! YUCK!

Daddy and Sp worked on their pumpkin together while I carved mine. You'll have to wait for more pictures of the finished pumpkins later this weekend.

Sp wanted to try out the top of his pumpkin as a hat.... see... he has "brains" all over his his face! LOL!

The weather has been gradually warming up here the last few days but the deer have been sticking around in all the underbrush where the snow isn't necessarily there. These 5 deer (there's one new fawn unseen in the photo off to the left hand side) took a rest in the gully behind the house. The little ones are so cute with their new winter coats!

The elk have begun their migration down out of the mountain terrain to the lower valleys too. With deeper snow up in the mountainous areas, they're having to come down to the valleys to feed. They LOVE the grass on the golf course here in town and there are sometimes hundreds of them sprawled out among the snow covered sand traps and driving range downtown. They jump the fence around the course like it was nothing to it!

On Thursday, Sp had his Halloween dress up day for pre-school. They went trick or treating in the mall (just across the parking lot from the pre-school). We found him this cute little pirate costume in Pincher Creek a week or so ago. Mommy decided he needed a scruffy mustache, a fake stitched cut on his forehead and a furry go-T to go with his outfit! The costume is a little big but with the weather like it's been here, cold & snowy, we may have to layer him up to go trick or treating tonight any way... a little extra room won't hurt at all! He'll be a "pudgy pirate" tonight!

I also got a great phone call today! My sister and her fiance are coming out for a quick visit the first week of December. Sp misses them both and it will be fun to spend some time with my sis before Christmas. It's sometimes lonely on the holidays with no family close by to visit with. Maybe we'll celebrate an early Israels' Christmas while they are here!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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