Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Week.....

It's been a busy week....

Spencer's been playing with the big dump truck a lot.... notice the bed head!

He's been helping out with some of lunch time prep.... he's been asking for "tuna noodle" for lunch everyday this week..... One of his favs right now!!!

My broccoli monster! Loves the stuff! Weird eh?

And this is why I don't just have markers just lying around! Grrr...... Thank goodness Mommy only buys washable ones!

My friend Wanda gave me a Dora version of the Candyland game and Spencer and I played 3 games of it last night together; Daddy was working nights. He won 2 games out of three!

We had another 6-8 inches of snow fall again last night so Spencer went outside to play for about 30 mins. I love his new snowsuit and hat!

Hope everyone is doing well back home!



  1. I love Spencer's jacket! It's so cute!

  2. Oh my the marker thing brings back memories... But it was permanent black!! Wonderful photos and weekly happenings Ally. He is to cute... All boy!!