Friday, October 9, 2009


I think we have officially skipped fall here in Elkford! I literally had to SHOVEL this morning to get off the deck. We got about 4-5 inches of the fluffy stuff and it was -14 when I looked at the digital thermometer when I got up. Brrrr! I'm NOT ready for this yet! We had such a MILD winter here last year... we were spoiled!

I had to work this morning and the roads were SLIPPERY! I don't think I drove over 30km/hr going down to work this morning. You could see a few people had HIT some of the barriers along the side of the road going down the hill this morning. NOT fun!

We have no specific plans for the holidays this weekend. Todd works tonight and tomorrow night and then he's off for his regular 4 days. The only thing we HAVE to do is get poor Spencer a new winter coat and boots. It's supposed to warm up (*fingers crossed*) on Sunday so we'll probably go to Lethbridge for those items.


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