Monday, June 28, 2010

Excitement in Elkford Today!

We've had a bit of excitement in our little town in the last 12 hours. Without really going into details we have had a mining accident occur at the closest mine to town here in Elkford (not the one where Todd works). Needless to say, a fire was started by the incident and has set a blaze some of the forested areas surrounding the incident site.

Smoke can be seen rising above the hills across the valley and water bomber planes have been brought in to try and control the flames.

This photo was taken right behind the house on the school soccer field looking North East over top of the high school. The fire is located at the top of the mountain across the valley from us.

That indeed is a water bomber plane. They are having to fly to the Cranbrook area to refill and fly back again to drop water on the fire. It's not a typical sound to hear 4 planes in the valley (2 water bombers and 2 scout planes).

This is a glimpse of the area on fire at the top of the road going towards Fording River. The road past the mine has been closed off to local traffic and only certain people are being allowed past the road block. Each vehicle is being escorted through the designated area right now.

We could see billowing smoke rising from the valley heading North by the wind (away from town).
The flames as of 10pm have not be extinguished and the planes have been stopped from their duties as the light is now fading.

Apparently there have been NO deaths due to the incident, thank goodness but some employee injuries. We're hoping that all the families of the miners from the mine site have a good restful sleep tonight knowing their men and women are safe and sound.


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