Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We Survived the Snow!

Howdy all! We are all hunkered down due to the latest and greatest Southern Alberta blizzard.  The winds yesterday were wild and didn't let up for 24 hours.  It was wild!  This was taken yesterday...

This photo shows some of the snow we have at the back door.  It actually got even higher!

Here is what it looks like from the back yard...

Here is a peak at our neighbours front yard.  The drift is as high as their garage roof! There was NO snow there on Sunday.

Mom is here visiting.  She was due to go home on Monday but we changed her flight on Sunday night knowing that the weather was coming.  Good thing we did.  They actually closed the highway between here and Calgary yesterday for quite a few hours and over night due to low visibility, accidents and drifting snow.  It just reopened again just an hour or so ago.  Many people were stranded in Strathmore over night.

Spencer hasn't spent any time outside as the wind makes the temperature, -17, feel like -30!  He hasn't been to school for 5 days - buses were cancelled the last 2 days. We stayed inside and mostly watching movies and we did a lot of reading.  Hope everyone is safe and warm!  Todd is due to come home on Friday.  I sure hope we don't get any more snow between them and now.  The running joke is that...

"How do you know Allison is going to the airport?"
"There's a snow storm!"  I swear... every time I HAVE to go to the airport, it snows!

Happy and safe travels people!

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