Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Think We Need a Family Blog Update!

It's been AGES since I updated the blog so I thought I'd take a few moments to do so this morning. 

Here in Alberta we have seen the first signs of colder weather headed our way.  It was -3 degrees this morning when I got up... Brrrr!  The good thing is that we finally got a cold enough bout of weather to get rid of 99% of the stupid flies.  They have been terrible this summer and I'll be very happy to see them disappear.  And yes... I have already turned on the furnace!

Autumn is my favourite time of year.  It brings some amazing wildlife to the lake as they go on to warmer wintering grounds.  We've seen a number of flocks of pelicans again this year (maybe 8-9 birds per flock) - goodness they are huge birds! 

As you see from the photos above, we get some AMAZING sunrises here this time of year too.  Nothing beats the beauty of the sun rising over the lake in the morning!

We have also added a few finned friends to the family...

The whole family has enjoyed watching all the action going on in the tank everyday... even Marlee and Teaco.  We've since added some large rocks and more plants to the tank since I took this photo.  It looks much more natural now and less sparse.

Spencer is growing like a bad weed and he's actually doing much better in school this year with new meds on board.  I think we have finally found the right pills for him... but only time will tell.  We will be meeting with a new Pediatrician in a few weeks to see what he says.

Todd's "having fun" at work.  They have finally hired a cross-shift for his position so hopefully that will help. The new employee starts his job on the weekend before Todd returns home.

We had the opportunity to really enjoy the lake this summer, especially with Penny, Scott, Kali & Logan visiting.  Spencer of course, loves the water and just had to go out and play by himself on the boat.

I'm doing well.  I've been working on getting healthier with the help of my doctor.  Diagnosed with Diabetes in June, along with a questionable mammogram, I have since lost 30+ pounds since August 1st and I'm going for more; no more Diabetes and my cholesterol is down to normal too.  I have an ultrasound rescheduled for mid-October to have my left breast re-examined for signs of change in the questionable area they found in June.  Thank goodness it's not a mammogram and just an ultrasound... damn that thing hurts!!!  Especially when they reposition you 5 times and take 5 pictures at 5 different angles!

I'm off... hope this little update finds you all well!  Take care!

~ Ally ~

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