Wednesday, November 3, 2010

House Update

After talking with the building inspector here in town we finally realized that our current is certainly not to code to put a brand new house on... even temporarily. We both kind of new that deep down. So we've resigned with the fact that we are going to have the house delivered, blocked and leveled and hooked up to live in until we can build a new foundation for it.

So with that knowledge we took the next BIG step and we put down our deposit to start the buying process. We alos found out that the "SALE" price goes up $5000 more next week so we jumped at signing our contract before we have to pay $5000 more for the same house.

We're all on our way this evening to Cranbrook to discuss the upgrades we want: a patio door, addition window and maybe a flooring upgrade. We have a meeting at 6:30pm. I can't wait until I get to pick my exterior choices! Not too many choices for the insides.

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