Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If They Build it... It Gets Delivered by Truck!

When we moved here to Elkford, we knew that we'd probably not find the house of our dreams but eventually whatever we bought we would upgrade or at least fix up. So when we bought our 1/4 acre lot in the middle of town with the high school and the undisturbed (and never to be built on) green space behind it, we knew we'd found the right spot. Our lot is the largest on our street but the mobile on it has seen better decades. It still has it's "lovely" paneled walls and curved roof and super tacky siding. The only upgrade the previous owners had done to the place in all the years of its life was to put in a new wood floor in the kitchen and entry way.
Well last week I spied an ad in the local paper... 2011 mobiles for sale at a STEAL of a price. So I had Todd call the company, out of Cranbrook and just investigate this so called "deal". He liked what he heard so he booked an appointment to go see them further last weekend.

So last Saturday the 3 of us traveled to Cranbrook to the company's lot to get a better feel for the type of mobiles they sold. They didn't have the specific mobile on the lot that had been quote to us on the phone but they did have one identical in size but a different layout.

We were able to go through the show module and get a feel for the width and basic size of the rooms. They of course had this version all primped up with all the best upgrades!

So we have started the process of getting ready for a new house to be delivered. It's not 100% set in stone yet but we want to jump on this deal as it's almost too good of a price to believe! It literally only takes them 5 weeks to build the particular mobile we want. This is the artist's rendering of the mobile we're getting...

It is currently 2 feet wider and 6 feet longer than our current house. And trust me... just those simple dimensions make all the difference in a house. The new mobile has a better layout and design and larger rooms and hallways. The only thing we'll miss is all the windows in our old mobile... but we may have then add a few more windows in our living room.

This is the layout of the rooms... click the image to enlarge it!

Our living room will face the green space and the beautiful 5 peaks behind us.

Since our current home sits on a 9 foot high foundation (5 above ground), we have to have the building inspector come out and tell us what we need to prep our current foundation for the new house. The current foundation should be able to support the new house but we will have to have additional support columns built at the back. We have an appointment with the Elkford building inspector to come out and tell us what we need to do to prepare 100% for this whole deal to happen. So if he says that we're okay to do it... this sale is a go!

So if all goes well and the building inspector says that with the additional supports added and braced to the current foundation, we may have a new house delivered as soon as just before Christmas!

So cross your fingers that our meeting goes well on Tuesday and that we have everything said and done ASAP. I'd love to have a new house for Christmas! It would be the BEST Christmas present ever!!!!!

If you'd like to see what Elkford's skies look like in real time... we have a web cam mounted to the Fire Station just a block away from the house. See HERE. I believe it takes a new photo every 5 minutes.

Wish us luck! We need good news from the inspector and a smooth process to happen with the mobile dealer.

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