Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting Ready...

We are slowly getting ready for our adventures over the next week:

1. I've bought Spencer all of his school items, lunch bag and clothes. Just need to wash all his new clothes before he wears them.
2. My bridesmaid dress has been picked up from Calgary & it's hanging behind the door in the bedroom.
3. I have this weekend off before the pizza shop opens again on Tuesday. Have to work 3 evenings before we leave for Ontario.

The Plan for our Week in Ontario:

Tues. Sept. 14th: Fly into Hamilton.
Wed. - Sat: Wedding and family stuff.
Sun. Sept 19th: Family brunch in Paris. Dinner at Amanda's with the girls & their families.
Mon. Sept. 20th: Lunch in London with Israels family; we hope. Stop into see Linda. See Great Grandma in Chatham. Rondeau.
Tues. Sept. 21st: Recuperate and visit with family.
Wed. Sept. 22nd: Return home.

This next week is just going to fly by!!

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