Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Home

Teaco is slowly adjusting to her new surroundings. She's a real night hawk so far! She loves all the little toys that Spencer leaves lying around to play with: Lincoln Logs, dinky cars and Lego! She can also be heard at night time chasing them up and down the hallway... so funny! She was playing with his toy cars the other night.

She's just starting to get used to the noise of a 4 year old... hahaha! Good luck with that!

She's gotten to trust me and comes for lots of cuddles late in the evening. It's so nice to have a kitty in the house again!

So she finally came out of hiding at a reasonable hour last night so I finally got a few shots of her.

She has some of the longest whiskers!!!

When I was finished with my camera, I placed it on the dining table and left it there last night.

When I loaded up all the new images this morning... lo and behold I found a few that looked like this...

I got a whole series of photos of Daddy's dirty lunch pail! Nice composition Spencer!!! OY! THANKS Buddy!!

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