Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's the Day!

Today was Spencer's very first day of PRE-SCHOOL!!!!

Yup.. Todd and I signed him up about a month ago for the month of April to go to the Creche Pre-School program offered for 3-5 year olds at the Community Center (GOD I love that thing!).

He's going for 2 hours, twice a week.

This is him walking up the sidewalk to the front doors....

With his "pac pac" on!

Cute butt huh?

He ran all the way to the front doors and called back to tell me I was a slow poke! LOL!

So we waiting in the main foyer of the community center and then the classroom doors opened and in we went.

We went in, took off his "pac pac", unzipped his coat, kicked off his "Binoo's" (boots) and I asked him for a kiss before I went. He went to Darlene (we know her as one of our library time teachers), one of his teachers in the coat room, gave her a kiss and then turned around and gave me one! Too funny! He turned around and off he went... no fussing.. no tantrum.... no nothing.... WHEW!! But then again, I didn't really expect him to either! I guess I was right! I know he's going to have loads of fun today. There was talk of GREEN playdough today!

It's SO quiet! Awwww.... the quiet! I'm already lovin' this pre-school thing!!! YIPPEE for everyone!

On an interesting note.... we ate buffalo for dinner this past week when Todd had his days off and it was not half bad! We had it BBQed and then I threw the rest of the uneaten roast in the crock pot with my beef stew the next day and that was pretty good too!



  1. awwww!!!! how exciting!!!! and such cutie pics!!!

  2. This is such an exciting event Ally for both of you. I love the big ol smile on his face. I bet you had one too. :)

  3. He's growing up so fast. Enjoy your quiet time Ally. Love the pictures.

  4. Love those pictures. He is growing up so fast. Enjoy your quiet time